In line with its mission statement, SSCC recognizes the vital role that sustainable development projects play for the achievement of economic growth and employment, as well as for increasing living standards in Serbia. That is why SSCC supports the implementation of diverse projects which are oriented towards the achievement of sustainable development goals by Serbian society and the improvement of economic relations between Switzerland and Serbia.

Namely, the role of SSCC consists in supporting and facilitating the implementation of sustainable-development oriented projects which address issues from food safety, human health and education, climate change mitigation, protection of human rights and environmental protection, to the good governance of business ethics, responsible investor behavior, labor rights protection etc.

SSCC is also interested in promoting all projects which help building stronger economic relationships between Switzerland and Serbia and bringing closer the members of the Swiss-Serbian business community.

Please note that the role of SSCC role consists in promoting projects and providing relevant information and contacts, but no financial support can be offered at this phase of development.



Should you require our assistance in implementing your project, please send us the fully completed form “SSCC Enquiry for project assistance” via e-mail to