Digital Tuesday with SSCC & SmartPoint

Join us and learn how digital marketing can help your growth and business development in the Covid-19 period. Be among the first to take advantage of the new opportunities that are at your fingertips.

26.05.2020. e-commerce & performance marketing webinar

Find out what resources you need to open a functional web shop as a new sales channel and how much this process lasts. We will introduce important tools that can help you understand market trends and how to define the real market needs for your product and / or service. We will show you what platforms are the best for effectively advertising of your products and / or services in digital marketing.

Join us on 26.05.2020. at 3pm! Webinar duration: 60minutes including Q&A.

Language: Serbian

Link to webinar:

Meeting ID: 763 0425 0530
Password: digital

See you soon!