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    Codetribe is a software development company that brings market-ready solutions to life.

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    CONFIDA is an international tax advisory, consulting, and accounting network with offices in Austria and many countries in Southeast Europe.

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    Coreside is a specialized real estate and financial advisory firm providing a wide range of services in connection with various types of properties and assets.

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    Belgrade, Airport Nikola Tesla

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    emost revolutionizes power supply with its cutting-edge mobile battery storage systems, delivering up to 150 KVA of reliable electricity to users on the fringes of the power grid or in remote off-grid locations.

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    Advokatska kancelarija ETTORELAW

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    gategroup is the world largest provider for airline catering. The SSC in Belgrade provides group- internal Financial-, Operational-, IT-, Procurement, HR-, Customer and other Services.

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    Gebrüder Weiss looks back on a history of more than half a millennium. We understand this heritage as an obligation to operate farsighted, observantly and to continue to develop with the changing world.

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    Global Blue pioneered the concept of Tax Free Shopping and through continuous innovation has become the leading strategic technology and payments partner, empowering merchants to capture the growth of international shoppers.