Useful links and information

National Authoritites

  1. National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia:
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia:
  3. Ministry of Economy:
  4. Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications:
  5. Ministry of Culture and Information:
  6. Serbian Government 
  7. National Bank of Serbia:
  8. Serbian Privatization Agency:
  9. Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency:
  10. Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia:
  11. Agency for Business Registry:
  12. Customs Administration:
  13. Tax Administration: 
  14. National Agency for Regional Development:
  15. National Alliance for Local Economic Development:

Investment and Trade Promotion Organizations

  1. Development Agency of Serbia:
  2. Vojvodina Investment Promotion:
  3. Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Serbia:
  4. Belgrade Chamber of Commerce:

Trade and Industry Associations

  1. Serbian Association of Managers:
  2. Serbian Wood Industry Cluster:
  3. Serbia Organica:
  4. Fashion Apparel Cluster Serbia:
  5. Serbian Automotive Cluster:
  6. Serbian Apparel:

Discover Serbia

  1. National Toursim Organisation of Serbia:
  2. PlanPlus – Digital map of Serbia:
  3. Tourist Organization of Belgrade:
  4. Cultural Center of Belgrade: