Swiss Namics employing additional 100 software engineers in Serbia

The Swiss software company Namics will expand its operations in the Serbian market by employing more than 100 software engineers in the next four years. The decision was made a day after the completion of the analysis of the operations in the previous two years.

– When we were coming to Serbia, the aim was to employ around 50 engineers by December 2017. However, after two years, we decided to start increasing the number of job positions. Our decision has been influenced by great market demand, good business results in the previous year, successful realization of projects, but above all the quality of the experts we’ve witnessed in Serbia – explains Catherine Simon, Unit Manager at Namics Belgrade.

The software engineers will focus on working with Java, Front End and .NET technologies, as well as on forming a team for the development of mobile apps.

The Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce sees this as a great opportunity for the development of the software industry in Serbia.

– This investment will further connect our two markets and is a proof of the good cooperation between the Serbian and the Swiss economy. The fact that a Swiss software company such as Namics has decided not just to maintain, but to expand its operations, is a proof of Serbia’s seriousness regarding the ICT sector. Namics’ trust is another example showing that Serbia needs to be proud of its software engineers and their reputation in the international market – points out Ana Grujovic, SSCC Executive Director.

Following a through research of the market, Namics opened a Belgrade unit with the aim of employing 50 engineers to work with their colleagues in Switzerland and Germany. This shareholders’ company employs more than 500 professionals in Belgrade, Zurich, St Gallen, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, and their clients include ABB, BASF, Daimler, Medela, Sika, Swisscom, USB, Victorinox and the Zurich Airport.

Focus on social responsibility

In the past two years, Namics has integrated into the Serbian society, not just as an investor, but also as a socially responsible company, placing a special focus on education.

– We have noticed how dedicated Serbia is to reforming the school system, getting involved in achieving informatics literacy and high education. Aiming to support this, we have published the book Coding with Cody, meant for the youngest readers, which will soon be available at children’s libraries in Belgrade. Furthermore, we have organized the first ITgirls Hackathon, thereby promoting IT occupations among women – Catherine Simon says.