Swiss State Secretary Dell’Ambrogio in Serbia at the invitation of Prime Minister Vučić

The prime minister spoke during the “Dual education in function of a more efficient labor market” conference held in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade on Monday.

According to the Serbian government, Vucic “stressed that our commitment is to be in the EU and that we belong to a society that will always find a way out of every crisis in changing oneself, hard work, innovation and scientific and technological development.”

“That is why we recommend more resources into innovative technology, science and digital Serbia. Serbia over the next three years will have a growth of 3.5 to 4 percent. That it will not be sustainable unless we reform education,” Vucic said.

The prime minister then “recalled that Switzerland has allocated CHF 1 million for the technological park in Belgrade, while our country has set aside 20 times more money to invest in this sector.”

State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation of the Swiss Confederation Mauro Dell’Ambrogio pointed out that youth unemployment in Europe is lower than in countries with dual system of education.

He noted that the Swiss Constitution “provides that academic and vocational education have the same value, while economic competitiveness is achieved thanks to good education, both dual and university.”

According to him, the dual education in Switzerland is somewhat different from that in Germany and Austria, noting that every country has to adapt its dual education system ti its own history, culture and tradition.

Dell’Ambrogio said that 50 percent of the Swiss population have a university degree, while only 5 percent of people born in this country have no diploma.