Belgrade, March 03, 2017 – NELT, the regional leader in the area of distribution, logistics and trade marketing, opened the first private railway logistics terminal in its Central Distribution Center in Dobanovci and thus completed the logistics services portfolio.

The NELT intermodal terminal represents an upgrade to existing integrated logistics system and is open for all import, transit and export operations participants in the market. It is available to shipping companies, railway operators, forwarding agents, as well as manufacturers, brand owners and other distributors.

“Intermodal transportation is a synonym for economic, efficient and environmentally sustainable global transport of all types of goods. We in Nelt strive to have our operations recognized by these attributes. With a new set of logistics services, launched by activating the inter-modal terminal, we will enable our clients to cut logistics cost but will also bring a faster and safer transportation services of higher quality. Regular weekly railway both import and export transportation of containers between the Port of Rijeka and Nelt Dobanovci is the first service offered to the market. Reduction of the greenhouse gas effect and lower usage of the road infrastructure are significant for the community and the country itself,” said Ivan Milićević, Operations and Development Manager in NELT LSP.

The new NELT terminal connects all European ports and land terminals. E-75 and E-70 motorways intersect six kilometers away from the terminal, while the distance to Nikola Tesla Airport is only ten kilometers. A customs office with a warehouse within the NELT logistics center enables full support and flexibility to various processes and goods trades.

Nelt was established in 1992 as a trading company. Today, Nelt is Serbian and regional leader in the field of distribution of fast-moving consumer goods, tobacco and pharmaceutical products, logistics services and trade marketing. Within its logistics facilities, the company also offers services such as international transportation, warehousing, customs intermediary, delivery, and additional repackaging, labeling and adjustment services. Outside Serbia, Nelt holds companies in Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa – Angola, Zambia and Mozambique, in total employing 3,800 people.