Government of the Republic of Serbia approves RSD 560 million of aid to businessmen

The Ministry of Economy of the Government of Serbia reported today that it had approved RSD 560,774,554 of grants to 383 businessmen, meant for the procurement of production equipment, and for improving the operations and production of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The total value of investments in the procurement of equipment amounts to RSD 2,745,370,938. The public call for the allocation of grants within the program of support to small enterprises in procuring equipment was thus closed.

The 2016 program is a combination of favorable bank loans and the state’s grants.

Through this program, which is a part of the Year of Entrepreneurship, the relevant ministry is co-financing the procurement of production equipment in the amount of 25% of the cost, 70% of procurement expenses are financed by bank loans or financial leasing by leasing companies-partners within the program, whereas the entrepreneur participates with 5%.

The program is being realized in cooperation with the Development Agency of Serbia and select commercial banks and leasing companies.

Following the completion of all activities pertaining to the program, the website of the Ministry of Economy and the Year of Entrepreneurship will publish the list of all business entities which have received funds, the report adds.