SSCC Business Climate Survey in Serbia 2019

Press Release

2019 Serbian Business Climate Survey Results

Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SSCC)

Belgrade – The fifth consecutive “SSCC Business Climate Survey in Serbia 2019” was conducted among the members of the Swiss-Serbian business community in April 2019. The results of this survey are meant to provide insight into the business confidence of the Swiss-Serbian business community in the Serbian market and understand their main challenges and concerns.

Mr. Majo Micovic, President of the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and General Manager of the company ‘Sky Express d.o.o’., said that most of the survey respondents evaluated the current business climate in Serbia as satisfying. However, there has been a slight deterioration in companies’ perceptions of the local business environment: the number of companies that had a positive view of the business environment in Serbia decreased over a period of just one year: 90 % in 2018 compared with 79 % in 2019.

Furthermore, the conditions for doing business in Serbia in 2019 are expected to remain unchanged in comparison with the previous year, as stated by a majority of surveyed companies that make up the Swiss-Serbian business community. More precisely, 15% expect the business environment in Serbia in 2019 to improve compared with the previous year, while 70 % of them believe it will remain the same.

Also, the results showed that majority of surveyed companies expect to see changes in the following business environment areas: public institutions’ efficiency and administrative procedures, fight against corruption, as well as ensuring legal security and stability.

With regards to the digitalization development in Serbia, surveyed respondents evaluated e-banking as the most satisfying area, and e-procurement as the least satisfying area of digitalization development.

Finally, Mr. Micovic stressed out that the majority of survey respondents expressed satisfaction with SSCC’s work regarding its plan of activities, communication and transparency.