Official opening of TX Services in Belgrade

On 8th September 2021, Ambassador Urs Schmid participated at the official opening of the Belgrade subsidiary of the Swiss TX Group AG (formerly Tamedia AG), the largest private media group of Switzerland.

Ambassador Urs Schmid with Mr. Pietro Supino
Ambassador Urs Schmid with Mr. Pietro Supino ©TX Group AG

In presence of the Group’s president, Mr. Pietro Supino, the members of the Group’s Management and the CEOs of the Subgroups and the local employees, Ambassador Schmid said he was honored to attend the inauguration of TX Group’s new premises in Novi Beograd where around 200 creative people in the fields of engineering, IT and services are already being employed. He emphasized that the Embassy shares the dynamic and innovative spirit of TX services which are also guiding its own engagement in Serbia aimed at promoting sustainable economic growth and the further improvement of the already excellent bilateral relations between Switzerland and Serbia.

Ambassador Schmid pointed out that a special focus of the Swiss cooperation program in Serbia was placed on fostering dual education efforts, thus supporting the provision of market-oriented skills development and thereby better training and job opportunities for the Serbian population. In this sense, he concluded, that TX Services as an innovative champion with a dynamic development was a perfect ambassador of Switzerland contributing to the strengthening of the bilateral relations between Serbia and Switzerland.