Nestle Launches Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Meal Factory in Serbia

The new factory covers an area of 18,000 square meters and will provide 220 new jobs. The initial investment amounts to 80 million Swiss francs (83 million euros), while investment of around 300 million Swiss francs is planned over the next five years.

The General Manager of Nestle, Marjana Davidović, emphasized that with the construction of the facility for the production of plant-based assortment under the Garden Gourmet brand, the company expanded its range of high-quality products while remaining consistent with global goals.

“The new factory is equipped with the latest technology, installed only in Serbia. Production is automated, and the final products are intended for the European Union market. Also, in this factory, production is carried out according to the Zero Waste to Landfill strategy, meaning that not a single gram of waste from the factory ends up in municipal landfills, while water is purified, and green energy solutions are used,” Davidović stated.

The director emphasized that with this project and investment, Nestle contributes to the sustainability of innovations, both in preserving natural resources and in preserving the community and the economy as a whole. In the new facility, the main raw material is locally grown soy, intended for the production of the Garden Gourmet portfolio.

“Our company aims to complete the entire cycle, from local food cultivation, processing, and then exporting to the EU market, all within our factory, which has successfully achieved the Zero Waste To Landfill goal”

The Director of Nestle for the Southeast European market, Alessandro Zanelli, stated that this is an important investment for Surčin, as well as for Nestle.