SSCC-Holycode Working Lunch

Belgrade – On Monday, October 03rd, 2022, the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce SSCC held a working lunch entitled ’’The start-up ecosystem in Switzerland: key success factors’’ which was co-organised with SSCC member-company ’’Holycode’’.

Mr. Majo Micovic, SSCC President, said: ’’The 2021 Global Innovation Index of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ranked Switzerland again as world’s most-innovative economy. Small and medium-sized enterprises form the backbone of the Swiss economy. One of their key success factors is their ability to innovate and adapt – something that startups, often at the very forefront of innovation, do on a daily basis. The proximity between higher education institutions, research, and industry contributes to developing an innovative and dynamic start-up ecosystem in Switzerland.’’

The presentations held by Holycode co-founders: Mr. Laurent Decrue (Co-CEO Holycode Group), Mr. Nenad Nikolic (Co-CEO Holycode Group) and Mr. Milan Nikolic (CEO Holycode Serbia) focused on the evolution of the Swiss Startup Ecosystem, the reasons for its success as well as the challenges ahead and which technologies might help us solve it.

Mr. Laurent Decrue said that the event was a great possibility to learn more about the Swiss Startup Ecosystem and discuss which future technologies would shape the growth of it.  ‘’We hope that today’s discussions will lead to knowhow transfer between the Serbian and Swiss participants.’’

Mr. Nenad Nikolić stated the following: “This was a great opportunity to exchange on the topic of the Swiss Startup Ecosystem and hopefully inspire new ideas on how to support innovative founders in Serbia.”

Also, Mr. Milan Nikolić emphasized that the working lunch provided a chance to participate actively in networking with companies from different industries in Swiss market, and with clients and friends of Holycode.