SSCC participates to the Business Forum in Zurich on June 16, 2015

The Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SSCC) participated to the Business Forum “Serbia on the road to a modern economy”, which took place on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. The forum was organized by the “Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Central Europe (SEC)”, with the Serbian Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Vučić as guest speaker.

“Swiss companies are looking to invest in Serbia, primarily in information technologies, agriculture, industrial production and wood processing industry”, Swiss Ambassador to Serbia H.E. Mr. Jean-Daniel Ruch said in his address to the forum. Ambassador Ruch noted that the Serbian government attaches great importance to regional stability and welcomed its determination to make sure that foreign companies continue to enjoy the benefits of doing business in Serbia. 

“Belgrade is a dynamic and modern city, with educated people eager to build a prosperous future for their country”, the Ambassador said.

“Serbia can offer the best conditions for investors”, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said on Tuesday. He informed the forum participants about the economic reforms, the arrangement with the IMF, the Serbian government’s foreign policy activities and relations in the region. “The region of Western Balkans can only move forward if we all work together”, the Prime Minister said, stressing that Serbia will continue to invest in regional stability. Vučić also informed the Swiss investors about the incentives for foreign companies provided by the Serbian government, and bid welcome to all those looking to invest in Serbia.

After the Prime minister‘s address, the Serbian Finance Minister, H.E. Mr. Dušan Vujović presented what will be done on the broader fiscal front and which structural reforms were critical for improved business environment and better investment climate.  Both the Prime-Minister Vučić and  the Serbian Finance Minister Vujović responded to questions from Swiss company officials.

In his adress to the public, Mr. Marinko Ukropina, SSCC President stated: We are proud of our members for recognizing Serbia as a good investment destination, improving the business climate in Serbia and respecting all business standards”.  Mr. Ukropina stressed that “SSCC attaches great importance to the basic principles and values that make Swiss business society stand out from the others, such as lawful and ethical conduct of activities, business integrity and compliance with laws and standards”. Therefore, the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce will continue to organize seminars, conferences and other events to promote these values.

Finally, Ms. Grujovic, SSCC Executive Director, briefly presented SSCC’s main activities and invited all forum participants to contact SSCC in order to obtain practical support and accurate information needed to successfully set up operations in Serbia.